About Us
Hani Motor Industrial Group, founded in 2010, is a prominent player in iran’s motorcycle industry .Since 2012, the company has focused on assembling and producing motorcycles, aiming to cultivate a favorable perception of motorcycles in the Iranian market and meet customer demand with high quality products. With the motto “Quality is Your Definite Right Hani Motor Industrial Group has enlisted skilled professionals and committed employees, while adhering to national and environmental standards from the outset of its operations . Despite facing economic crisis and political sanction conditions this company has managed to launch its production operations through divine intervention and timely strategic management decision making. The companys focus is an growth and expansion rather than simply stabilizing its operations. The company ensures that it honors consumer rights in every aspect, thereby catering to all segments of society with its products. Our journey towards producing motorcycles that meet the needs of society has already begun and our team is dedicated to maintaining a customer-centric approach. Serving the iranian nationalities has always been a top priority in our production process and our efforts align with the country s advancement and development.