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Hani Motor Company was established in 2010 in the field of motorcycle production. In 2012, to improve quality and greater efficiency, it was handed over to new owners and began assembling motorcycles. Despite sanctions and economic obstacles, in 2019 this industrial entity has been able to acquire all national, environmental, and consumer rights standards based on a modern development plan by employing the most qualified and experienced local experts in order to increase the number of its products to more than 5,000 motorcycles annually. Our efforts to satisfy our customers have been continuous and we have never been afraid of spending accordingly. In fact, providing a wonderful service to our customers is our goal.
Our mission in producing the needed types of motorcycles by our society has just begun and Our Colleagues are committed to providing the above values. Customer orientation and giving a sincere service to the consumers have always been the highest priority in every unit produced. Along with the above policy, in 2021, the new Hani Motor factory is located in the Caspian industrial town in Qazvin province with an area of ​​more than 16,000 square meters along with 11,500 square meters of factory sheds equipped with modern machinery to be able to produce more than 50,000 motorcycles annually. We aim to improve quality and customer satisfaction throughout our country, by getting the support of our valued customers.

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