Important items for battery maintenance:

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The main reasons behind weaken battery life are as follows:

Do not let the battery drain completely. The optimum scenario is when 40% of the battery capacity is used and then recharged.

Use the electric bike’s standard genuine charger, and in case of having no access to the original one, the replaced charger should not exceed 2-3 amps.

Placing the battery under extreme heat.

Corroded Battery Terminals.

Charging parts of the Battery not working properly.

Not charging the battery for a long time.


Battery maintenance conditions:

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When you do not want to use your electric bike for more than a week, it must be connected to its standard charger.

Check the battery terminals once a month to make sure it is not corroded.

Never connect the two battery terminals to each other.

Make sure to dry the battery terminals every time they are washed.

Check the connections of the electric bike and tighten them if they are loose.

Avoid turning on the electric bike’s lights in unnecessary conditions (when not moving).

Failure to pay attention to the above maintenance points will result in shortening the life of the battery, which may eventually cause you to replace it after a few months.