Due to The Covid-19 Conditions, The Traffic of Motorcycles is Increasing


Sardar Hamidi:

Due to the covid-19 conditions, the traffic of motorcycles is increasing

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Greater Tehran Highway Police Chief announced the reduction of accidents for the second year in a row in Tehran and said: motorcycle accidents increased by eight percent due to the volume of traffic.


According to Motorcycle News, Sardar “Mohammad Hossein Hamidi”, the head of Rahvar Fateb police, stated in a press conference with the media that was held today (Sunday) at the Greater Tehran Traffic Police: “We saw a reduction in accidents in the Nowruz project for the second year in a row.”

He continued: “Last year, about 40% of accidents were attributed to pedestrians, which is a decrease of eight% compared to previous years.”

Sardar Hamidi, stating that 44% of the accidents last year were related to motorcycles, said: “Considering the volume of traffic, we had an increase of eight% compared to previous years.”

Rahvar Fateb Police Chief added: 16% of accidents in 1399 were related to cars; Also, the closure of Tehran’s roads in February of last year caused us to lose about 26% of our compatriots in accidents on highways and roads.

He noted: “Due to the coronary conditions, motorcycle traffic is increasing and motorcyclists must prevent accidents by following the rules.”

Sardar Hamidi said: with the implementation of the motorized plan, 37,000 motorcycles were prevented from being sent to the parking lots.

He also added: Last year, 560 citizens of Tehran lost their lives in accidents.

Regarding the plans of Rahoor police in 1400, Rahvar police chief Fateb stated: The implementation of the motorized plan in 200 points of Tehran, organizing motorcyclists, organizing cargo vans and organizing pedestrian safety areas are among our plans.

Regarding dealing with violations such as covering the license plates of vehicles, especially motorcycles, he said: “The police have different plans and the motorcycle plan is for motorcyclists’ violations and not the crimes they commit. At least 40 to 50 people are dealt with license plates a day.” They cover their vehicle.

Sardar Hamidi, in response to a question about whether non-native license plates that have been circulating in Tehran for years, will be subject to fines by applying coronary restrictions or not, said: Tehran has nearly four million business trips from the outskirts of the city and cities around Tehran They come to the central core of Tehran province and return to their origin, and most of the traffic of these vehicles takes place in Tehran, so among these four million traffic, there are also city license plates.

He added: “For this reason, they considered the corona restrictions in Tehran for passing through and leaving the city in the core outside Tehran, ie they said that the criterion for passing through Tehran is Tehran province, ie Alborz (after Tehran-Qom).”

Rahvar Police Chief stated: People who travel in Tehran with city license plates and if they live in Tehran, according to the law must change their license plates, but if the traffic is in the work area and Tehran province, they have no problem and they will not be dealt with. And currently no legal action is taken against them.

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Source: Radio and Television News Agency


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