The president of the Motorcycling and Automobile Federation was identified


The president of the Motorcycling and Automobile Federation was identified

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Mehran Hemtian, Maziar Nazemi and Javad Barat were the three candidates running in the second round.

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According to Motorcycle News, the Electoral Assembly of the Motorcycling Federation was held this Saturday morning under the chairmanship of Mehdi Ali Nejad, Deputy Minister of Championship and Professional Sports Development of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, at the end of the season. He was elected president of the federation for the next four years.

Javad Barat, Azizeh Taraz, Neda Motalebi, Maziar Nazemi and Mehran Hemtian were the five candidates for the presidency of this federation.

In the first round, Maziar Nazemi received 20 votes of Seyed, and since he could not get half plus one of the votes of the assembly, he moved on to the second round, in which Nazemi received 15 votes, Barat 3 votes and his colleagues 5 votes.

In the presence of 3 candidates, the second round was held with the presence of 3 candidates, and in the end, Maziar Nazemi was elected as the president of this federation for 4 years with 25 votes out of a total of 39 votes.

Peers and Barat also received 5 and 9 votes, respectively.

Maziar Nazemi is the presenter of the Radio and Television and the director of public relations of the Ministry of Sports. The federation election was forced to withdraw.

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