Why are motorcycles numbered without third party insurance?


Why are motorcycles numbered without third party insurance?

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The sellers consider the purchase of third party insurance to be the responsibility of the buyer of the motorcycle, and this is the beginning of the story of “uninsured motorcycle traffic” in the city.


According to Motorcycle News, quoting micro and macro news sites, the available information shows that unlike cars that can not be numbered without third party insurance, motorcycles are not required to have this insurance number.

A inspection of several Iranian and foreign motorcycle stores shows that these vehicles are sold numbered but without third party insurance.

Although the law amending the law on compulsory civil liability insurance for owners of land motor vehicles against third parties has been enacted and enforced, drivers seem to make a big difference between motorcycles and cars. They believe that as dangerous as uninsured car driving is, uninsured motorcycle travel is not as dangerous.

However, the information received from the Personal Injury Insurance Fund shows that a significant amount of the damages paid by this fund is related to motorcycles without third party insurance.

A report entitled “Overview of Motorcyclist Accidents and How to Drive Safely” published by the Insurance Research Institute late last year acknowledged that many motorcycles were numbered without third-party insurance.

The report states: “In 2017, about 4.3 million motorcycles were re-numbered, while this year only 1.2 million insurance policies were issued for motorcycles. “This shows that there was no need for insurance even for the new numbering.”

All this while insurers impose forgiveness penalties for delays or lack of third-party insurance each year for several months of the year to encourage motorcyclists; An operation for which, of course, there is no information on the success rate.

The question now is why law enforcement numbers motorcycles without third party insurance? Why is the law enforcement force, which itself receives a significant share from the third party insurance policy, indifferent to the issuance of this insurance policy for motorcycles?

News source: micro and macro


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