What is the trend of self-sufficiency of gasoline motorcycles in Iran?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is the trend of self-sufficiency of gasoline motorcycles in Iran?[/vc_column_text][us_image image=”7841″ size=”full”][vc_column_text]

According to Motorcycle News, Mohammad Ali Nejadian wrote in an editorial in the new issue of the Motorcycle Industry Magazine: After 2016, for various reasons, including the conversion of carburetor motorcycles into injectors, a large number of motorcycles were registered, most of which were sold from 2017 onwards. Injectors and lack of expertise to repair these types of motorcycles People became more concerned about buying injector products.

In the last few years, the use of domestic parts production has decreased. However, several motorcycle assembling companies are looking to produce some motorcycle parts and are trying to expand the interior. However, unlike electrical products, the industry trend is not positive for the self-sufficiency of gasoline motorcycle parts unless technology is transferred.

At present, the parent factories, especially non-Chinese products (well-known brands), due to sanctions and the type of political and economic relations, in addition to not directly representing Iran, but the possibility of having a motorcycle manufacturing base in Iran. Also, well-known foreign companies, in order to maintain the quality and credibility of their brand in the countries so as not to be damaged, usually do not allow their representatives to manufacture motorcycle parts, unless the licensed process is completed, which is currently possible in Iran. is not.

We should also note that every year, in addition to the development and promotion of new national and international standards, new versions of motorcycles enter the world market, and this makes the production of molds and parts for motorcycles in Iran very expensive and This, along with the negative competition between domestic assemblers and currency fluctuations, makes it difficult to be self-sufficient. However, if battery technology advances and the installation of electric motorcycle charging stations expands, in this part of the products we can see the domestic production of motorcycles with the latest technology.

At present, it is rumored that some Iranian companies bring famous brands to Iran by circumventing sanctions and moving to one or two other countries, or buy a small number of products from motorcycle stores in East Asia. And after disassembly, they enter Iran as a part and reassemble the motorcycle. Of course, this is not possible if the restrictions on representing famous brands are lifted and Iranian companies can obtain representation.

I hope that the officials will hurry to study the details and implementation of the “25-year program of joint cooperation between Iran and China” without haste, so that a logical two-way relationship can be formed and the way forward so that we see the transfer of technology for motorcycle manufacturing to Iran. .

It is noteworthy that until 2016, there was a small amount of motorcycle exports from Iran to neighboring countries. However, due to the fact that carburetor motorcycles have not been imported to Iran since that year, and also due to the direct export of motorcycles from China to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and as a result, exports from Iran have been very low and even cut off in some cases.

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